Institute Booking System

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It's a web application. It's helpful for Institutes which provides premium batches and events bookings for their members. Educational institutes, clubs, gyms, etc are best suited for this website.

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This website contains the worlds most popular third party libraries that make it more powerfull.

It's Multi-Talented

Manage courses, batches, events, tutors, blogs, pages and much more. Add N-Level courses categories and build dynamic pages as many as you want. Compatible for every country. Manage multi-users with custom Access Control List management system. Organize multiple types of events like workshops, annual day, freshers day, etc including repetitive events like weekly or monthly tests, etc.

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Easy Booking Management

Create invoices of bookings, export them to CSV and excels. Also, manage booking cancellations with one click.

Blogs & Notifications Management

Automatic notification generation on every new entry and manage customers blogs, approve them and publish them.

Know your business better

Take online payments and run your business on the go and then see how it all adds up with site visitors and sales graph analytics.

Manage Multi-Users Easily

This website contains the most secured Ion-Auth user login system with custom ACL management system to control the permissions of multiple user groups.

100+ Settings To Fully Control Every Feature

Manage each and every important feature with about 100+ settings options for an easy and centralized control system.

Premium Material Themes Integration

Front-end contains Universh Premium Material Theme whereas Back-end contains AdminBSB Material Theme.

Easy 1-Click Installation

Just copy the product (ibs_v1) folder to your server's www or htdocs folder & go to URL and enter - http://localhost/ibs_v1/install and enter your database info to complete setup. Then enter Username : admin & Password : admin123 and you're are.

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Single & Group Booking

Customers can book seats on their own as well as for their friends (multiple members) at a time. Even they can cancel their booking before pre-cancellation time as well.

Add Courses & Their Batches

Add N-Levels of categories and courses and their multiple batches.


Add and manage single and recurring events.

Featured Listings

Add and manage courses and events featured listings.


Add Tutors, manage their profiles and permissions. Tutors listings and detail pages.

Blog Management & More

Add and manage Blogs, also let customers add blogs from their profiles and approve or disable from the backend. Gallery & Testimonials sections.

Discussions With Disqus

Integrated Disqus Commenting System so that customers can easily discuss about events and batches prior to booking. This will make customers buy happily.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard contains all necessary things like - visitors & sales graphs, notifications, today's batches & events and top selling batches & events.


Admin panel contains upto 100 setting to fully control the features of website.

Ion Auth + Multi-User + ACL

Integrated IonAuth secured login & registration system with multi-user and custom ACL management.

Bookings Management

Bookings status, cancellations and updates can be easily managed. Booking invoice can be viewed and downloaded easily.

Custom Menu, Pages & Fields

Custom fields, dynamic pages and menus can be added and managed easily.

Batches & Events Management

Batche and events can be easily managed with all necessary features.

Notifications & Contacts

All important notifications auto generation and contacts management.

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Beautiful multipurpose Institute Booking System.